The Only Firefly Who Couldn't Light Up, 
third edition 
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 Cassandra has worked with children ages 5 to 17 for many years in the non-profit sector and loves writing stories for them that reflect their real-life situations. Black began her writing career at age 12 when she wrote stories and articles for a kids’ magazine called “Young People Today.” She was the first writer/reporter for the magazine to score a celebrity interview with then hot television star Todd Bridges from the hit television show, "Diff'rent Strokes." Ever since, Cassandra has enjoyed the creative process of writing and the power that words can have. Along with creativity, she holds an Associates Degree in Cinema, a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a Masters in Business Management. Cassandra’s dream is to see Twinkle go world- wide and be made into an animated movie in all languages so that children around the world can enjoy, learn and grow from this story.

Cassandra Black
Author and App Creator
Tim Kirk
Tim Kirk is a renowned illustrator and designer. With "Twinkle" Tim returns to his roots as an illustrator for children's books. His work on various titles as well as science fiction books and magazines have won him five prestigious Hugo awards. Tim also served as a design director for Walt Disney Imagineering for 22 years where he conceived ideas that were later realized as attractions and theme parks world-wide.