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Here are Some Activities Teachers, Parents, and Child Care Workers Can do With Their Kiddos :)

Insectamentary Lessons

Watt Happened?  
Follow Up Questions

1.Why did Neona tease Twinkle?

2.How do you think the teasing and bullying made Twinkle feel?

3.What do you think about Flash?

4.Do you think Flit was a good friend? Why? Why not?

5.Why do you think Flit was Twinkle’s friend?

6.Would you be friends with someone who was different like Twinkle? Why? Why not?

7.Would you be friends with someone like Neona? Why? Why not?

8.Who would you rather be like? Twinkle or Neona? Why?

9.Why do you think the other girls went along with Neona?

10.Why do you think Sparkle stopped being friends with Twinkle?

11.Did you like Twinkle’s Little Brother, Flicker? Why? Why not?

  12. Why did Flicker tease Twinkle?

13. Besides having someone to play with, what is a good friend to you?

14.Which character are you most like?

Spark Some Conversation 
 Writing Assignment

Have children anonymously answer the following questions about teasing and bullying. After collecting the papers, separate them into two categories; Bullies and Teasers and Bullied and Teased. The next day, read some of the answers to the children and ask them how they feel and what they think following each one. This will create an opportunity for those who have been teased and bullied to have a voice as well as for the bullies to hear the affects of their actions. Also, this may bring about understanding why the bullies bully. Please let the children know that no one will ever find out what they wrote and there are no penalties for telling the truth.

Who’s Bugging You?
Teasing and Bullying Questions

1.What is a bully?

2.Have you ever been teased or bullied?

3.How did it make you feel to be teased or bullied?

4.What were some of the things said or done to you?

5.Why do you think people tease and bully others?

6.What do you think should be done about teasing and bullying?

7.Where have you been teased or bullied?

8.Who teases or bullies you? (classmates, family members, etc…)

9.Have you ever fought back when you’ve been teased or bullied? Why? Why not?

10.Do you have anyone you can tell when you’re being teased or bullied? If not, why not?

11.Have you ever teased or bullied someone? Why? Why not?

12.How do you feel when you tease or bully someone else?

13.What are some of the things you have said or done when you teased or bullied someone?

14.Do you think teasing and bullying is cool?

15.Have you ever teased or bullied someone because someone told you to? If so, why?

16.Do you think teasing and bullying makes you seem powerful?

17.Do you think people who tease and bully are cool? Why? Why not?

18.Who do you tease or bully? (classmates, siblings, etc…)

19. Have you ever teased or bullied someone older than you? Why? Why not?

Ignite Their Imagination
Art Project

Have the children draw and name their own Insectropolis world where there is no teasing and bullying and have them share it with the class.

Shedding Light on Teasing and Bullying
Reading Assignment

Have the children read a chapter a week aloud. Ask children what character they most identify with as far as personality and not gender. Ask the children if they know people like the characters in the book.

Spotlighting the Issue
Drama: An Eight Week Lesson

Have the children pick the character they’d like to be and act out one scene per chapter in front of the class each week.

Enlightening the School

Make your school a bully-free zone. Have the children come up with their own rules about respecting each other’s differences and abilities then post them in the classrooms as well as the play yard and bathrooms.